Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Football All-State Recognition Night

Escorted by the drill team gals! That's a bonus!

Can you find him?  

Hay with his buds.  B.J. Cavender and Austin Kafentzis.

The crew from Jordan.  Austin, Coach Kjar, Coach Kafentzis, Hay, B.J., and Coach Pickering.

Hay and Brad (Jordan football's biggest fan!)

Hay with Defensive Coordinator, Coach Kafentzis.

Someone else with a killer mullet!!

Hay and a proud MA.

Hayden Beau and Beau.  Two peas in a pod.

Hayden had an amazing season playing linebacker at Jordan this year.  He had a total of 130 tackles, 93 unassisted (that's amazing), 7 interceptions and 7.5 sacks.  He was selected on the Deseret News "All-State Team".  We are so proud of him!

Lessons of the Trail

I love my Bonneville shoreline runs, that is the one place in my busy life where I can feel connected to the earth and my Creator.  Things I think sbout while I run, the music I listen to, and of course the adventure of keeping my eyes fixed on the trail teach me to let go of a lot of stuff that take up space in my head.

Lessons I Learn:

1.  Let it go:  I don't have the time to hold on to negative or worrisome things on the trail.  I can simply watch my feet, and also enjoy the scenery.  There is not space in my head to worry, but when I think and run, problems seem to work themselves out.

2.  Listen to life:  I have quite the mix of music to listen to on my way.  Such is life.  Sometimes we need quiet, sometimes we need rock, sometimes it's a "Bob Marley" day.  It's ok to have a mix.  It's ok to live in the moment and accept those thoughts and feelings you have at the time.  Variety is essential, I don't think I will ever want to stay with the same 'ol same ol.

3.  Watch where you are going:  Last run, it was icy for the first 3 miles or so.  I had fallen 3 times, and spit on myself twice before I met a couple on the trail coming the opposite way.  I said something to the effect that I needed "spiked running shoes today" and the woman responded, "Don't worry, it gets better."  I continued on for a while and it wasn't getting better!  Sheesh, I started to doubt, "Did I hear her correctly? Should I turn back?"  Plugging forward, I found that eventually it did get better.  Much better.  Patience.  Not one of my strongest virtues.  The trail also teaches me to stay focused, or you will be on your butt.  Rocks, turns, ice, roots, bugs in my face...whatever the obstacle I need to keep my eyes and head in the right place to pass safely.

4.  Buddies:  Buddies are great!  Especially out on the mountain, but buddies are not always essential.  On the trail you need to rely on yourself.  You need to be strong and smart to keep yourself truckin' away.  Buddies make our lives more enjoyable.  I have learned that I need buddies to accentuate my life, but I have been learning to rely on myself more these days.

Simple life lessons learned keep me coming back for more.  I have an addiction to the mountain, I feel peace there.  Best of all, I learn so much about myself and my Creator.
My Poo Poo's (Duchess and Boomer)

Enjoying the fall colors.

Buddies are great!
Clean air is much better than dirty air.

The stream frozen over...simply breathtaking!

I think heaven will look something like this.

Mud happens...but it washes off!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Duke's Mission Letters Oct./Nov.

Duke is having such an amazing experience in Texas!  I have been so happy that he has met so many supportive and loving families that take care of him.  As a mommy of a missionary, it makes me feel so much better about him being away for 2 years.  Thanksgiving was very different this year!  Duke is in Texas, of course, and Jace was in California for a lacrosse tournament.  We sat down to have our prayer for dinner, and I started crying like a baby!  Anyone who knows me...knows how much I hate to cry...but I couldn't help myself!  :)

Duke loves his p-days (Mondays) to get caught up on laundry, and get spoiled by one of his adoptive families out in Texas, the Waldorf's.  Lourdes Waldorf is Duke's surrogate mommy there, and does a fantastic job spoiling him rotten!  Lunches...bowling...laundry...and more!  Then you have countless numbers of others that love him, he calls these families his "home bases".  There are so many wonderful families sharing their time and love, and I am grateful.

He is continuing to learn so much, much more than just scripture.  "Shared Mosiah 4:21 for dinner tonight.  I often look at my life, and see a lot of things need to change.  I'm overwhelmed, and don't know where to start.  But King Benjamin talks about patience, and diligence.  I like that.  God knows our potential, and how we need to progress to get there.  So, if I'm to win the prize, I gotta be content, but never satisfied.  Always growing stronger."

He continues to wreck on his bike...often!  He had mentioned to me that he thinks it is Satan...I told him I think it is user error.  :)  "So pretty sure Satan is after me.  Especially on my bike.  I was riding on some grass.  There were no bumps, no nothin' that could knock me off, and the next thing I know I was tangled with my bike, and my head hit the dirt!  Then my tire was flat!  For no apparent reason at all, and Elder Hansen and I walked 2 miles to the car.  So as soon as I see the devil when the millennium hits...guess what I'll do? Flip him off!"  He had already wrecked 3-4 times the week before, and one of the Bishop's in a ward there actually bought him a new front rim for his bike!  Yikes!  I guess as a mommy, I am thankful he always has a helmet on!

He has been loving the food!  "Rudy's" is one of his favorite members have been taking him out for brisket, Costco pizza (his favorite) and one woman actually called me on my cell phone to get the recipe for my chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!  She said she was having Duke and his companion over for dinner, and asked him what he would like to have for dessert.  He wanted his "Ma's famous peanut butter frosting" and knowing Duke, he probably didn't eat much of the cake with all the some!

He has been loving to see the changes in people's lives as they hear the messages of Christ. "I love opening up people's eyes to see that Jesus Christ is always there for us.  By showing this, He can hear us.  Just like He did when He was here on earth."  and "I'm just so amazed at what the Lord can do for these people is they just show a lil faith.  Just got to keep on goin'.  Baby steps to the big kingdom." 

"I love opening up people's eyes to one fact: so many believe miracles are dead...they aren't!"

Duke had an amazing experience with a friend.  Seth Waldorf (the same family that spoils him) was driving home from work early one morning.  His friend James, who he works with was driving in front of him.  Apparently James hit a pot hole in the street, and lost control of his car.  He was ejected in an awful crash.  Seth ran to his side and tried to stop the bleeding from his head with his shirt.  Later, Seth asked Duke to go to the hospital with him to administer a priesthood blessing.  "I anointed, and Seth gave the most beautiful blessing.  There were machines breathing for James, and part of his skull was missing.  As we blessed him, he was squeezing our hands.  The priesthood ain't no joke."  He then informed us in his last letter that James is improving so much.  Still unable to talk, but making great strides.  Amazing miracles that happen in our lives, especially when we are in a place (as Duke is) to serve others.  Wonderful blessings for all of us.

He writes our family weekly with journal entries.  At the end of his letters, he leaves us with a quote.  Here are some of the recent ones.

"Each of our lives is like a painting, and we are the master.  Each day, and each act can be another stroke on the canvas.  if our hearts are in the right place we will create something of beauty that will touch people's lives, and be remembered."  _Robert Duncan

"Fill your mind with truth, fill your life with service, and fill your heart with love." -Thomas Monson

"It's not so much what we believe, but what we do because we believe" - Ballard

He just got a new companion, and loves him to death!  Elder Burtock is from Arizona, and weighs a whopping 121lbs!  i told Duke to make sure not to break him.  Duke said he would try not to, although..."I did have to man handle him the other day to tickle him...everybody needs a tickle!"

So grateful Duke is still the Duke we love, and he continues to learn so much.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Duke's Adventure Continues...Oct./Nov.

Duke chose to sit at the "children's table" at dinner one night...

...and got stuck.  At least he still looks macho!  :)

He has fallen in love with "Big Red" soda~
double fisted drinker!

Stuck again.  This time...outside the church building.

Just like Sponge Bob, Square Pants...
Duke went and ripped his pants!

Duke's famous "Jack Skellington" face pumpkin.  The next morning, it had been stolen off of his balcony.  He is convinced it was Jack himself borrowing it because it was carved so well!

He loves the sunsets...and evenings because it finally cools off!

Friend Taryn, and Elder Babka.

P-Day fun at the arcade...

Then to eat...

...then bowling!  He is being spoiled rotten by the Waldorf Family!

Brothers for life...

Elder Hansen and Elder Babka...getting ready to eat, once again!
Good looking boys!
Still boys...look like men...always will be boys!

New companion...Elder Burtock!

Duke knows that he and Elder Burtock were "boys" (buds) way before this life! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Simply Fun!

I remember, when I was teaching preschool, there was a book we would do each fall.  It was called, "Fall Brings" and each page would have a fun little something for the children to do.  Glittery "frost" on a picture, colorful finger paint "leaves" on another.  I have since decided that fall brings so much more to the Babka house than any other season!

I LOVE is my favorite!  At our house fall brings: Hayden's varsity football games at Jordan, and of course me helping to feed all the boys Thursday nights before the game.  Jace's Jordan lacrosse games, and lacrosse academy practices weekly.  Jackson's little league football practices everyday, and games on Saturday's.  Sadie's fall soccer league (2 games, and 2 practices weekly), and of course, always piano.  Rogan's little league football practices and games.  Whew!  

There are many nights that Beau and I hit the pillow and wonder if it is all worth it, and we always have the same reply...ABSOLUTELY!  What an amazing family we have, and what fun we have raising them!  Enjoy looking into how blessed (and busy) we are...

Sadie is getting so good!  I guess practice does make us better!

That is Jackson (#24) playing center, going up against
huge kids, and "getting business done" (as Duke would say)

Jack's 13th birthday party, what a FUN group of kids!

Rog LOVES to back flip on the tramp!

Jace "trickin'" his scooter after one of the football games.

Sadie and Kenzie after dancing in the

Jack, Rog, and Luke playing in the rainstorm.

Rogan was awarded player of the game!

You know he must love football, when he
falls asleep with one in his hand!

Jack's birthday...he asked for my special
"banana cupcakes with guava frosting".

Rogan was player of the game...again!
(Notice the amount of mud...)

What can I say...

Rog and Hay chillin' and watching
Jack's football game.